South Western Drilling Projects

Geoprobes hydraulic profiling in Jabiru on the Northern Territory

South Western Drilling’s Geoprobes hydraulic profiling tool investigating a uranium tailings dam in the Northern Territory. Read more

Optically Stimulated Luminescence Environmental Drilling & Sampling in Werribee

South Western Drilling was engaged by cultural heritage consulting firm Andrew Long and Associates to provide continuous sampling through environmental drilling on the banks of the Werribee river prior to construction of a rail bridge. The samples are to undergo OSL dating providing both archaeological and geological data. SWD’s powerful 8040 geoprobe punched DT35 sampling... Read more

Landfill Investigation using sonic drilling in Geelong, Victoria 

South Western Drilling was engaged to provide direct imaging technology to log VOCs at a former landfill. Our client was targeting LNAPL, DNAPL, dissolved phase hydrocarbons and landfill gas. The MIP also gives a continuous geological profile via real time EC data. Our client could map the depth of the clay cap and the relative... Read more

Marine Sediment Sampling with Sonic Drilling in Port Phillip Bay

In early 2013 South Western Drilling were engaged by URS to provide a sonic drilling rig to recover very soft marine sediments in Port Philip Bay in Victoria. SWD were chosen for this project due to our experience working over water, use of a vast array of sampling techniques and high regard for safety and... Read more