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Our team at South Western Drilling have applied their drilling services on an array of large-scale projects across Australia and the South Pacific, working with clients from university research teams to large corporations in the petrochemical industry.

Environmental drilling

South Western Drilling are experts when it comes to using environmental drilling to safely and effectively extract useful soil and groundwater samples for examination. To do this, our team operate state-of-the-art equipment, from auger drilling to soil probes, allowing us to collect samples at a variety of depths.


Vibracoring allows us to extract unconsolidated sediment cores with minimal disturbance. Unlike excavation methods such as dredging, vibracoring minimises the impact it has on the surrounding environment, can operate in a variety of depths and is often cost effective, as the process can be carried out by an individual or small team.

Sonic drilling

Sonic drilling is another drilling method that reduces drilling waste by being highly efficient and using air instead of water or mud, saving time and money, while still producing a highly effective sampling and testing method.

Geotechnical drilling

Geotechnical drilling is necessary when it comes to determining a site’s viability for safe construction. South Western Drilling utilises a wide variety of drilling rigs depending on the scope and requirements of each project. Our team are trained in geotechnical drilling for a variety of applications, whether it be a smaller one-man, manually operated rig or a large off-shore structure, South Western Drilling has your geotechnical drilling needs covered.

Drilling rigs

Whether you need drilling services as part of site preparation, ground sampling and testing or as part of ongoing research and monitoring, South Western Drilling has the drilling rigs and expertise to ensure a job well-done. From large-scale off-shore projects to smaller construction projects, we provide safe and highly effective drilling every time.

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