Sonic Drilling

sonic drilling

Similar to vibracoring,  sonic drilling is an advanced form of drilling that employs high-frequency, resonant energy that is generated inside the sonic head.  The adaptability of sonic drilling means that it remains an efficient method of drilling in a number of environments that would be considered difficult for traditional drills; including sand, gravel, and landfill.

Sonic drilling also produces 80% less drilling waste by all but eliminating any slough that would be produced by traditional drilling methods. Reduced waste production from sonic drilling means that costs for waste disposal are much less compared to that of conventional drilling.

With waste being minimized and the use of air, instead of mud or water, makes sonic drilling a better choice for sampling and testing. The less intrusive method that sonic drilling uses allows for better information gathering; delivering relatively undisturbed core samples with less than 1% deviation, allowing a much clearer picture of any data being collected from the drill site.

Sonic drills also allow for continuous sampling from up to 150 metres, which conventional drills cannot. Sonic drilling rigs are also much more mobile than rotary drilling rigs with many sonic drill rigs able to be track mounted; allowing access to difficult terrain to obtain samples.

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South Western Drillings newest rig the MRS XL Max provides the full sonic power in a relatively small package.


South Western Drillings track mounted sonic rig is a compact sonic weighing less than 10 tonnes.

Major benefits of Sonic:

  • Drills and samples most geology with ease
  • Small footprint for a very efficient rig
  • Fast advancement of drill string
  • High quality core recovery
  • Casing diameter up to 200mm
  • Continuous sampling and log of strata
  • Drills through difficult ground conditions such as sand, cobbles and lost circulation holes.
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