Environmental Drilling

environmental drilling

Environmental drilling is an effective and commonly used method of investigating and monitoring the ground underneath work sites. The main purpose is to examine soil and groundwater samples from various points underground, and ensure there is no contamination.

At South Western Drilling, we use a number of different methods in order to safely drill across sites. Using auger drilling, sonic drilling, and other soil probes, we can collect soil and water samples from a wide range of depths. These samples can then be analysed to detect any possible contaminants. Environmental drilling can be carried out on a one-off basis as part of site investigations, or as an ongoing part of ground monitoring.

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The Geoprobe 7730 is designed for heavy duty jobs without losing the flexibility of the smaller rigs. This rig has more power to reach deeper probing and drilling depths.


  • Heavy duty undercarriage with a wider track that carries more weight, adds more torque, reduces ground pressure and handles greater tool weight
  • Built-in rotary spindle for concrete drilling, augering, and anchoring
  • Hydraulic winch for handling augers and tripping dual tube sampling tools
  • Hydraulic movement in all three axes for easy probe alignment on difficult terrain
  • Equipped for Geoprobe tooling and logging equipment
  • 190 L Water Transport System with high pressure washer
  • Hydraulic liner extruder

Weight: 4358 kg
Length (folded): 3658 mm
Width: 1981 mm
Height (folded): 2591 mm (4674 mm unfolded)

Down Force:160 kN
Retraction Force: 214 kN

Rotation Rate (hammer motor): 0-240 rpm (bi-directional)

Water Transport Capacity: 190 L




  • 66-in. probe cylinder
  • Allows use of 60 in. probe rods and samplers
  • Over 20-ton pulling capacity
  • Equipped with powerful GH62 Hammer
  • Heavy-duty undercarriage
  • Wireless remote control
  • Built-in rotary spindle for concrete coring
  • Hydraulic winch
  • Two-speed probe cylinder
  • Hydraulic movement in all three axes
  • Auxiliary hydraulic power ports
  • Compatible with GeoprobeĀ® tooling and logging equipment

GEOPROBE 7822DT (x2)


  • Rock Coring Compatible
  • Reliable Geoprobe GH60 series percussion hammer
  • Modular percussion pwer cell technology
  • Two and four speed Augerhead (optional)
  • Dual winch option
  • Frame rail design for adding machine accessories
  • Tethered and wireless control
  • Integrated drill mast oscillation
  • Rear blade for stabilization and tooling transport


South Western Drilling now offers NDD services. Our trailer mounted unit allows us to get to those tight, soft or low areas with ease without the same worry of some larger and much heavierĀ  trucks. Our truck is fitted with a crane for soil drum transport across site and concrete coring equipment.South Western Drilling’s soil diverter fitted with an auto shut off avoids overfilling soil drums and reduces contamination in vacuum truck.

An important part of our drilling work involves preventing further contamination. We use strict drilling processes to collect secure samples, without causing further leakage of contaminants into the ground. Where possible, dry samples are extracted under solids control methods, ensuring that extracted material is lifted cleanly.

Using strict controls also ensures that you get accurate results, with no site cross-contamination or false results. Using our environmental drilling services is the best way to get a clear picture of soil and groundwater condition and quality, so you can move your work ahead with confidence.

Contact us today for more information. South West Drilling are also highly capable when it comes to geotechnical drilling for small manually operated drilling projects and large-scale off-shore projects.

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